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10 Natural And Organic Food Trends

1. Lentils


Lentils, which the group predicts will appear in everything from pasta to waffles “…as the quest for new plant-based protein sources continues to rise.”

2 Foods For The Gut


Consumers are continuing to seek out foods rich in prebiotics, cobiotics and probiotics.

3 Beets


The flashy red root vegetable moves beyond salads and appears in more juices, dehydrated fruit strips and yogurt.

4 Drinkable Grains

Chia seeds

Chia seeds

The most popular example of drinkable grains are oats which, when ground, lend smoothies a creamy texture. Chia seeds are also being used the same way.

5 Bee-Less Honey


Born from concerns of bee colony collapse — a phenomenon in which whole colonies of bees are dying en masse — food companies are creating fruit-based, imitation bee-less honeys.

6 Sauces


Look for dessert sauces like chocolate and caramel toppings to come calcium-enriched, and cake frosting to be high in protein.

7 Happier Animals


In line with grass-fed cows, social and ethically responsible consumption is also driving up demand for pastured chickens and pen-free pigs.

8 Cradle Of Superfoods


Africa is being described as a “hotbed of exotic superfoods” for vitamin-packed foods like baobab (pictured here), moringa leaf and bissap tea.

9 Labels


In the early 2000s, the stamp of approval sought by health-conscious consumers was the USDA’s organic certification. Today, it’s the GMO-Free Project Verified seal that holds purchasing power for health-conscious consumers in the U.S..

10 Pond Scum


Algae milk is now called “the new kid in non-dairy milk,” for being packed with vitamins, lactose-free and sustainable.