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It is also popular as a baby gifts, and it is considered one of the trendy birthdays that mother decorates the interior of the agave since the birth of a child nowadays.

It also helps solve the separation anxiety about 12 months ago.
We have plenty of lovely toys in our Babiesnature.

We will introduce organic toy and attachment toy.

Babiesnature is a 10-year-old traditional organic brand. All of our Babiesnature products are basically ‘non-fluorescent’ check. ‘KC certification’,
‘Organic Certification’ (GOTS / OCS) has also been completed.
“Miffy” character goods, which have been loved for years, are also produced and sold under a genuine license.



1. Organic Cotton Genuine Miffy Doll Rabbit Stuffed Doll



Lovely rabbit toy, boy girl It is genuine Miffy doll which is loved without much regardless.
Simple design, nowadays trendy, Nordic style I have been loved as an interior decoration for children’s rooms. Even sns are certificated with many beautiful pictures for trendy people. The most beautiful miffy toy in any interior. Outer material In our Babiesnature, organic 100% is basic! This item is strongly recommended as a child’s love doll important.

Of course we are adults as well as interior accessories, a sense of goodness ~




2. Bear and rabbit toy



It is a bear toy and a rabbit toy that is cute in the smallest size among our Babiesnature orgnaic cotton toys. The puppet contains a rattle, and when the child shakes, it sounds like a tinkle, which is a doll that is interesting to the child. The baby is made in the shape of a bar that is easy to hold in your hand. It is the sizeable size to fit in the small baby’s hand. It is the first friend of the infant baby who can present the rest time to the mother for a little while 🙂

The rabbit toy in white color and the bear toy in brown color It is made in two pieces and is very good as a set gift.  This product is also made of organic material on the front surface and it is a good doll to use for the baby in the oral cavity.



3. Elephant and Whale toy



It is a cute elephant toy and a whale toy that children like.
It is a toy which is good in utilization as flat type . The front side of the whale doll has a pink heart pattern and the back side is a combination of red color. The back of the elephant toy is a blue yellow star pattern, and the back side is a combination of blue color and two cute toys. This product is also made by Organic, we made a little more thinking about the soft skin of our kids 🙂



 Organic cotton toys Babiesnature