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100% Bamboo Muslin Blabket Baby Rabbit and Tree

100% Bamboo Muslin Blabket Baby Rabbit and Tree


Size : 40″ x 47″
Color : White
Material : 100% Bamboo Muslin
Season : All season
Made in Korea


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* Helps to keep your baby comfortable, relaxed and fast asleep-giving you the extra zzz’s you need for your hectic lifestyle!
* Super soft and silky smooth organic cotton won’t irritate delicate skin
* Hypoallergenic and extremely breathable
* Size 40″ x 47″ Use with the stroller, baby carrier or in the car
* Ensures baby falls asleep faster and stay sleeping longer
* Machine washable
* Perfect as a baby shower or new baby gift
Antibiotic action
It has strong resistant to staphylococcus, mold etc.
that inhabit the fiber, and protects the skin from bacteria by inhibit the
proliferation of bacteria that caused by sweat or body waste.

Deodorizing Effect
Due to the bamboo fiber has natural deodorant
than general cotton, so it doesn’t smell, even in sweat and dirt, and
always keeps pleasant and cleanliness.

Bamboo fiber has quick absorption and dissipation of
sweat and bowel movement due to the regular hole in cross-section,
and always keeps the comfort.(more than 135% absorption than general cotton)

* From the fiber’s growth in toxic-free soil to the spinning, weaving, and processing, to the handsewn finish including thread is 100% Organic Cotton Procedure

* Machine washable

Pure Organic Cotton Internationally Certified